Elite/College Prep Camp



The Lightning Elite Overnight & College Prep Camp is for players who will be playing at High School level in the coming Fall. The overall program sets 2 concurrent goals:

1). To prepare players for the coming Fall soccer season,

2). To prepare & evaluate Juniors & Seniors as prospects for playing at the College level if they so desire.


  • There are 3 groups within the camp: The boys group, directed by RALPH FERRIGNO, the girls group directed by TUCKER REYNOLDS of Framingham State College & the goalkeeper group directed by BERNIE WATT. All have a wealth of Camp, College & ODP experience.
  • Ultimately, players can expect an intensive & demanding training program designed to help them fulfill whatever their future soccer goals may be.
  • Camp starts 1:30pm Sunday & runs until 12 noon on Thursday.


  • Campers receive 2 T-shirts, a ball & an evaluation
  • Boys and girls are in separate groups
  • Elite training programs for College Prospects.
  • Preseason preparation for the coming Fall season.
  • Our emphasis is on a combination of individual technique and group tactics in a highly competitive yet enjoyable environment. We aim to challenge! In terms of training each day has a theme ...
  • Morning theme: Positional play - the morning sessions players opt to be trained by position: defenders, midefielders, forwards.
  • Afternoon theme: Principles of play - sessions can focuses on defence & defending as well as attacking play & skills. Wherever possible the players are trained in teams in the afternoon sessions.
  • Evening theme - The evening program consists of games followed by talks by highly esteemed & experienced staff. The games reflect some of the themes worked upon earlier in the day. Evening talks follow. The camp is divided into groups. Some talks examine the College recruiting process and what is required to play at that level. Topics that may be covered include contacting College coaches, dealing with the NCAA and going through the recruiting process in general. Other talks discuss ways to improve your game and enhance your play for the coming Fall season.
    All players receive an end of week evaluation.
  • The Elite Overnight is a popular choice for teams. If you are interested in bringing your team please contact RALPH FERRIGNO: ralph.ferrigno@tufts.edu for more information. Coaches can feel free to discussing topics and other areas that they would like their team to concentrate upon whilst at camp.
  • Finally, for Juniors & Seniors, who are interested in the College Prep program, can expect to receive a College Evaluations suitable to send to their Schools of choice outlining their potential to play at that level.


7-8am Breakfast
8:45 Gather and Stretch
9:00 Technical Warm up
10:00 Positional Training (Week 1)
Principles of Defence (Week 2)
11:15 End of Morning Session
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Technical Warm Up
2:00 Team/collective tactics (Week 1) Principles of Attack(Week 2)
4:00 End of Afternoon Session
5:00 Dinner
6:30 Games: 11 vs 11, small-sided or conditioned
9pm Evening Talk and Analysis Videotape Session if appropriate


  • Campers are typically Club, Olympic Development and High School Varsity level players who have intentions of playing at the college level. Younger players may have slightly different goals as they are more likely to be trying to make the stepup to VarsityEvaluation forms for all Campers - Juniors and Seniors will receive College Evaluations to send to the colleges of their choice. Evening program for Juniors & Seniors on all aspects of recruiting & preparation to play at College All meals are provided at first class dining-room. Commuter Option - Players arrive at 8:30 & must be in attendance through 8:00pm.
  • For campers flying to Curry here is TAXI information: http://www.massport.com/Logan/getti_typeo_taxis.html about $30, Boston Licensed Taxi Companies: Boston Cab (617) 536-5010, City Cab (617) 536-5100, Metro Cab (617) 782-5500, Town Taxi (617)536-5000 LIMO: http://www.loganlimo.com/index.asp $68, phone number 617-776-0099

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